It is important that we remain faithful in our giving because the Lord commands it of His people, and the needs of His church will most likely go up as people are in need.

If you would prefer to use your paper envelopes and mail those to the church please feel welcomed to do so.

Online Payment Setup

Clicking on the Online Giving link will allow you to set up an online payment to the church
through Donorbox -- from your credit card or bank account* -- either as a one-time or recurring

*For bank account, the program will require that you have an online banking login with your bank.

Online Giving                      

• After entering the Amount you wish to give, there are options that correspond to the main
giving categories that are designated on envelopes: Current, Benevolent, Maintenance,
and Debt Reduction. There is also an option called Any, which should be used for special
circumstances OR to break your payment up between the above categories. There is a
line on which you can add a comment to give further instruction or to indicate the
breakdown between categories. And by all means, feel free to let the church office know
about your payment if you feel there is something more specific they need to know.
• Select one-time, weekly, or monthly payment.
• Enter name and email address.
• Choose either the Credit Card or Bank Account option; and then either enter your credit card
info or follow the prompts to log into your online banking account at your bank.
• After completing the payment setup you will receive a receipt (immediately for credit card
payments, or in about 5 days for the bank account payments).
• If your payment is set up as weekly or monthly, there will also be an email about setting up a
Donorbox account for convenient access, so that you can edit it at some future time.